• Laura Alvarado-Newson

Am I hungry?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Am I going deaf? Why can't I feel? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Have you ever asked yourself if you were dying? I know these turned into extreme questions. I am not talking about a physical hunger, death, blindness or loss of sight. I am talking about something more important than your physical being. I am talking about our spirits. You see, we would do everything in our power to keep from going hungry, blind, deaf or from dying. We would seek out the best doctors, specialists, remedies, medications, foods within our human reach. Am I wrong? We wouldn't ignore the fact that we see blurry, that we are having a hard time hearing our favorite music or our child speaking. We most certainly wouldn't ignore our doctor if he said we were going to die unless we did XYZ. Trust me, you would do XYZ if that was going to keep you alive, keep your eyesight or hearing.

So why are we OK with our spirits failing? Why are we OK with being spiritually blind or hard of hearing? David said in Psalm 51:11,

"Do not cast me from Your presence, or take your Holy Spirit from me."

Take a minute and think about those words. David had really messed up his life with some bad decisions. He lusted, committed adultery and murder. David was not perfect, but he may have one up on some of us. He knew he would not survive without God, without His presence in his life; he pleaded, don't "cast me from Your presence, or take your Holy Spirit from me." These words were spoken in a deep, intense, real prayer of repentance for his many sins in Psalm 51.

Many of us, on the other hand, try to hang on to God's presence by reading a 5 min devotional or grasping onto our past experiences for our spiritual health.

Would you be able to just eat a meal once a day for just 5 min? Or once or twice a week? And be healthy and happy? I don't think so. What about just meditating on those wonderful meals your mom made you as a child? Would that be enough to keep you physically healthy today? We do this to our spirit all the time. Holding onto our parents' teachings or faith, hoping that will get us to heaven. If you have accepted Jesus into your heart as Lord and Savior, and repented of your sins, you are going to heaven. This should't be enough though, God has so much more for us, I don't want to live spiritually malnourished, miserable and bitter, disconnected from the Holy Spirit, His power and guidance, until I am called to heaven. What a miserable Christian walk that would be.

Others don't seek spiritual health or a relationship with God on purpose. Some are angry at God, or angry at other Christians. Some are bitter, some are just plain lazy. We blame every one and every thing from our health to how we were raised to justify why we don't read the Word or spend time with our heavenly Father. Most are too proud to admit this is happening. Lay down your pride, this is what caused Lucifer to get kicked out of heaven. Repent and seek God!

I have tried to stay connected with God and spiritually healthy on 5 min devotionals and Sunday church, this gave me more time for FB and working out and..... It doesn't work. I need the Holy Spirit, I need to know His presence is with me. I need to sit in God's presence in silence and hear His voice. I have tried to do Christian life without any effort on my part to stay spiritually healthy and let me tell you, I scared myself. I became a big lump of excuses, bitterness and complaining. Not to mention, the really bad decisions I made that hurt me emotionally and spiritually. I found myself crying out Psalm 51. "Please God, don't cast me out, don't take Your Spirit from me, please forgive me! I can't make it without you God!"

Dear brothers and sisters, I am feeling God's heart calling out to all of us. WAKE UP! STOP PLAYING GAMES! We need God's presence, His Holy Spirit. We need to put down the idols we have put before God and repent. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to that laziness, that pride, those attitudes and excuses and help us conquer them and be transformed.

We need to wake up! The way we have been doing things is not working. Make time to spend with your heavenly Father. Open your Bible, ask your Father to speak to you. If you don't know how, ask for help. Talk to your Father in heaven, worship Him, make Him a priority!

Forgive us Lord!

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