• Laura Alvarado-Newson

See, hear, understand

Good morning, 

I woke up with the need to remind my heart and your heart that God was, is and will always be.  God was, is and will always be before you were born, as you live and after you die.  God was, is and will always be before you chose that career, that relationship,  that lifestyle.  God was, is and will always be whether people believe in Him or not, that changes nothing as far as God's existence and sovereignty.  

It is so easy to busy our hearts and minds, ignoring our need for something more.  We know we need more than that political opinion,  that degree, that relationship,  that lifestyle, that addiction; but that could mean admitting we took a wrong turn or we are focused on the wrong thing.  Many times fear and pride will stand up and squash those "foolish" ideas or needs.  Stay busy, keep moving, do do do, don't think.  Well, now we have time, and many thoughts are being heard.  Hear this:  before you were, God is.  God loves you.  Answer His call before it is too late 

There is a verse that shook me this morning, a prophecy from Isaiah:

"You will ever be hearing but never understand; you will ever be seeing but never perceiving.  For this people's hearts have become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes.

Otherwise they might see with their eyes,  hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them." Matthew 13:14-15

God wants to heal your past, your heart, your mind, your life.

Lord, let us be a people that see, that hear, understand and turn.

Lord bless your Tuesday.

I chose this pic because of his example of focus and attentiveness 😁😁😁.  This is oreo.

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