• Laura Alvarado-Newson

Grumpy town

Today, this verse is clung to more than ever; "do not be anxious about anything." My focus was drawn towards 2 other words: " rejoice" and "gentleness". So I am to rejoice at all times and be gentle. This is getting harder to do as we watch the news, stay inside, wonder when this will end and what will be the outcome. My daughter has reminded me at the beginning of the past 2 mornings about my grumpiness the night before. Talk about calling out more grumpiness, haha. Does she not understand that cleaning the kitchen for the 100th time, telling them to do homework for the 300th time and listening to them squabble most of the day, and running on an average 3 hrs sleep are the true path to grumpy town, opposite direction from the land of gentleness and rejoicing. But.....(don't know if you can start a sentence with but) the Word commands us to rejoice and keep our gentleness. So here's to proactively practicing the actions of rejoicing and gentleness. How is God speaking to your heart today? Good Morning my quarantined family.🥰 

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