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God was there pt. 2 Something's not right

As I was getting closer to the school, the drive felt like it took hours, my mind was swirling! "Did the ambulance get there before me?" "What if they were on their way to the hospital?" "I thought he just hurt his arm". As I made a right turn onto the street where the school was, I decided to go a little further and get as close as I could to his classroom; there was a parking lot right in front of the special needs school yard. As I was driving towards the parking lot I saw a fire truck parked on the opposite side of where I was headed. My heart started pounding so hard. "This is really happening!" But what????

I couldn't get out of the car fast enough and ran through the gate, which was unlocked, and stormed in through back door of classroom. I saw shadows of people standing around but could not focus, I was looking for my son. Jorgie was lying in his dad's arms very quietly. They hadn't seen me walk in because they were facing the front door. I immediately made my way towards my husband and Jorgie and noticed that my boy was very drowsy. "Jorgie, it's ok, mommy's here". When I said that he began to faintly cry and complain, but every few seconds would stop to let out a big, very odd yawn; as if he was going straight to sleep. As I observed him, I noticed a very heavy silence from every one, I then noticed my husband talking to the aide who was in charge of Jorgie. "I don't know what happened, " I heard her say; "I came running when I heard the crash". I was trying to listen in on their conversation while keeping a close eye on our boy. He was whimpering, crying, yawning, whimpering, crying and yawning. Something wasn't right. If he hurt his arm, he would be crying, not yawning. All of the sudden I turn around and three firemen were making their way into the classroom.

I noticed many people in the room, some in suits. Later I found out they were the big wigs from the school district. I recognized the principal, but had no idea who the sub was, and I didn't ask. The fireman instructed Jorge to lay Jorgie down on a mat which was on a table. I immediately stood next to my boy as he complained at the movement but not enough for me to be satisfied with the supposed story of him hurting his arm. The fireman starts pounding me with questions and as I try so hard to find my words to answer while not blinking an eye or taking my eyes off my boy, as he yawned and yawned. "Maam, is this his normal behavior?" "No, it is not" "The aide said that he hurt his arm, he should be screaming in pain". As I was explaining what the aide told me, the fireman proceeded to cut off his shirt and my heart sank. It looked like his shoulder had been pushed up into his neck. I feel sick now just talking about it. Ok, now I'm desperate, there is no way this child should be sleepy! He should be screaming bloody murder. "Maam, is this his normal behavior?" NO! How many times must I answer this question. "Something's not right". I finally turn to the aide. "Did he hit his head?" She pauses, stumbles over her words "ummm no, I mean I don't think so, I mean I wasn't there, I ran when I heard the crash." The crash! My son crashed to the ground? I was disgusted with her, I turned to the fireman, "please check his head, something is not right, he should not be sleepy". The fireman starts touching his head, the back, the front, the side; in that moment I see a very tiny, faint scrape in front of his forehead. "No maam, I don't see any sign of brain injury. I was livid. "Excuse me, he could have a concussion or he could be going into shock, two things you can't find by touching his head." "Did he hit his head maam?" "I told you I wasn't here, I was at work!" I turn again to the teacher's aide "did he hit his head?" "I came running when I heard the crash." She sounded like a trained monkey at this point, repeating that same phrase over and over again.

The EMT finally arrive and now I answer the same questions again, as they check his body, and feel around his head. "Maam, we don't see evidence of a head injury". At this point, I'm quiet and praying. They put his on the gurney and rush him to the ambulance, Jorgie is falling in and out of sleep. I used to teach first aid, I taught the class at least 25 times, I know when there is more than just a broken bone.

"Maam, are you coming with us or driving separately?" "I coming!" For some odd reason, they didn't let me ride in the back with Jorgie. This was not our first ambulance ride and I ALWAYS ride in the back with him. I was compliant, but very confused and yes, angry. I was guided to the passenger seat next to driver. It took every ounce of inner strength to try and not strangle the driver as he gives report over the radio that they are bringing my son in with what appears to be a broken clavicle bone. No! There is something serious going on!!!! No one heard me. There was a little window where I could see my son and the EMT doing his thing. "How is he?" I asked through my tears of fear and anger. "He's great, just taking a nap."

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