• Laura Alvarado-Newson

God was there (pt.1)

That day is still so vivid in my mind and heart.  I was working at the office.  Helping a young couple with a very strong-willed newborn who refused to nurse.  I loved my job as a breastfeeding peer counselor.  I was so hapoy when we found the right position where both mom and infant were comfortable.  I love the smiles from both mom and dad as baby nursed and nursed.  We would weigh the baby after she was done, just to give parents an idea of how much milk baby was able to intake.  Well I never got to that point because I was interrupted by a phone call.  I excused myself because it was a call from my son's school.

"Jorgie hurt his arm" were the first words from the teacher's aide.  "What? How?"  "His stander fell over".  This stander held him in an upright position with harnesses and belts from chest to feet.  It had a headrest and a tray for food and toys.  This was his recess routine, while the ambulatory kids played, he watched from his stander.  It was on wheels, so he was wheeled out every day.  This day his class was cared for by a sub and the regular aides.  His teacher was out of town due to family affairs.  

Jorge worked nights so he cared for our toddler that one day a week I had to be at the office, the other days I worked from home.  "Jorge, Jorgie is hurt, please go to him and I will be right over" I hang up phone, explain to my superisor what is going on and rush to my car.  I'm thinking, ok, we take Jorgie to urgent care or ER for x-rays of arm.  These things happen.  Will have to deal with a cast for about 6-10 weeks, ugh!  Casts are a pain!  The itching, the extra work trying not to get it wet, the heat because summer was about to start.  Not looking forward to this but it certainly wasn't the first glitch in our hectic life.  I'm really trying to drive the speed limit but I felt I was moving in slow motion;  "I need to get to my son now!!!!"  Why was I so anxious? It's an arm injury, I was feeling like it was a near-fatal accident!  I'm about halfway there, still on the highway when my phone rings.  I had to answer.  "Please God, help me get there safe and without a ticket".  I answer the phone and my son's  screams pierce through the phone into my ears and straight to my heart.  My husband was holding him but I could barely hear what he was trying to tell me through my son's pain and anguish.  "What? I can't hear you!"   Through the screams I hear Jorge ask me if we should call 911.  "What?  Why? I thought it was his arm!!!"  I don't even know if Jorge could hear me.  "Why 911?"  In that moment I thought, ok better safe then sorry, so I yelled into the phone "YES!  CALL 911!!!" "I'M ALMOST THERE"  I hung up phone and tears just started flowing.  I didn't understand, why 911?  What did Jorge see? What happened?  Why are they asking me?  Shouldn't the school staff know if this injury merits 911?  My heart and mind were racing.

To be continued...

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