• Laura Alvarado-Newson

This means war

I am in a serious state of righteous indignation.  This world, it's principles and politics actually think it can invade my kids' minds.  I am sickened by the liberal inmoral junk on tv, on ads and on social media.  Not to mention, the risk one takes allowing one's child to socialize with kids with 0 moral compass because parents are too busy creating a beautiful fb/instagram life; or busy helping others (shouldn't our kids come first?) that draws envy from their peers, but behind the phones and laptops and busyness, a bunch of confused, lost kids wandering around trying to raise themselves with twisted information and all out lies.  Am I upset?   Yup!  So many kids left with a phone, in front of cable tv and laptops with no supervision or filters or guidance.    Are we really better than those who used to offer their child as a sacrifice to some primitive dead idol?  Nope, to leave our children unsupervised, without guidance or boundaries with a phone, ipad, laptop is equivalent to handing out children to the devil.  We need to wake up!!!!!  Well thats my vent.  Thanks for listening/reading.

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