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Our Wedding Day: All I need

Let's see, my face looks like an oatmeal cookie from breakouts, my stomach is in knots, and my hands are trembling; yup! It's my wedding day and, in spite of, these glitches, I am so happy and so thankful.

Did I mention I have a florist trying to convince me to change my flower choice and I have 2 Jr. bridesmaids who refuse to match in any way. One will look like she is gliding in the fields of flowers and fireflies, while the other one is gliding on the red carpet decked out in bling. Hard to believe they both came out of the same mother.

When we first decided to get married, I was told "keep it simple". In all honesty, I have tried to keep it simple, but as a former wedding coordinator simple takes on a whole new meaning. I want a beautiful wedding, I want beautiful decorations, the perfect music to create ambiance, I want to be surrounded by family and true friends, I want a certain cake and I want to eat it too,

! Why? Because I am marrying a very special man, that's why. God has used him to bring my smile back, not because he is perfect, but because he is true. He is honest, open and transparent. He is a true gentleman. He loves me and my children "as is". He has never demanded we change anything. This is reason to celebrate! To create beauty and share it with those we love!

Another reason I want a beautiful "simple" wedding. This day is the celebration of having made it through a very dark and scary valley. God did it! He gave us the strength to keep going, even if it was dragging on our knees, but we kept going. This valley of loneliness, fear, uncertainty is behind us! Now we cry mostly tears of joy because the heartache and pain didn't kill us! And now, when that heartache, those memories surface, we have each other, we don't have to walk in that dark place alone. There will always be love for our spouses, also a deep joy and relief that they no longer suffer, but are free from sickness in the presence of our Father in heaven. (Tom, you cry for Tina while I hold you tight and I know your arms will always be here when I break as well) This makes me want to shout for joy! WE MADE IT!!!! Why not celebrate it?

Here we are, in just a few hours, we say "I do". We may look good on the outside, but we are exhausted, we have scars, memories of love, heartache and loss. Our spouses left us, but they didn't leave us alone, they left us 5 beautiful gifts: our children. They celebrate us as well, they are happy for us! You have no idea how important it is for both of us to have our children's blessing. They have been through enough! We want joy and peace for them as well.

This is all reason to celebrate!

God did it! So take this message for you. No matter how dark your life gets, or how strongly your heart breaks, look to God and He will get you through to the other side! Tom and I AND our children are living proof of God's power, faithfulness and mercy. Give your life to Jesus and He will carry you on His shoulders through everything that life throws at you.

I know I don't need the lights, the cake, the handmade centerpieces. All I need is God's approval, the groom, a witness and the our Pastor. Everything else is a beautiful bonus. I will relax into my lumpy face and knotted stomach, knowing I have everything I need and want, and none of it is perfect and that's OK!

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