• Laura Alvarado-Newson

A beautiful mess❤

This will be short because as you can see I'm making the decorations for my wedding.  My heart is so full.  I am so happy.  "Of course!" "You are getting married, everything is perfect right now" You may be thinking, but nope, nothing is perfect.  My every day hustle and bustle has not stopped, my responsibilities have not stopped.  I carry alot in my heart, my son had another seizure, father's day is coming and my teenager is feeling it, "mom, father's day is coming"  with tears in her eyes.  Not to mention the burdens I carry for friends and family who are struggling with health, finances, etc.  I am learning that we have no other choice but cling to the beauty in the midst of pain and heartache.  Find the lesson in the struggles and smile as we learn them.  Cry when you need to cry, but never feel guilty for laughing and smiling again.  God is in the business of making all things new, He restores the broken.

Never forget that God is always there, loving, caring, guiding.  He never throws mistakes in your face; He uses them to draw you closer to Him and become wiser and humble in heart.  

No matter how old I am I realize, I don't know much at all.  So I will keep learning and never allow myself to be deceived in thinking I know it all.  

I am truly humble at how God continues to pour His blessings and favor even though I don't deserve them.  His love is full of mercy and grace.  Many days I feel like such a mess, but God, in His lovingkindness can even turn a mess into something beautiful.  

So here is my message to you.  You may feel like a mess, but God calls you beautiful and He is with you.

As long as we keep God in the center, we are beautiful messes.

Ok, back to work❤💍🥂

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