• Laura Alvarado-Newson

To hot mess single moms with mom guilt

And maybe single dads, although I don't  know if the emotional pressure is the same because Im not a guy, this post will refer to single moms.  This is a vent post, with tears in my eyes because OH MY GOD!!  Some days the pressure is too much to handle!  I feel like a ball in a pinball machine being bounced, pushed, slung (if that's a word)  from child to child to child, all day, putting out one fire after another, trying to be the best mom and female example I can be and failing at it by the end of the day.  My brain is tugged back and forth from a caregiver or school nurse telling me something isnt right with my son, (time to be that investigative, mind reading, problem-solver) to inmediate switching channels to run to an emotional 15 yr old and her crisis, to trying to guide and listen to my 10 yr old's nonstop chatter and questions in good days, in her bad days figure out why she wants to run away; I go to the bathroom, come back out and repeat!  By the end, like right now, I want to SCREAM!!!  I'm exhausted!  Burnt out!  Carrying a heavy load of mom guilt because I should be cherishing my time with my babies instead of hiding in the bathroom, drowning out bickering kids with spa music, a candle and wine, ugh!  I wonder if I will ever be that mom that doesnt feel guilty, or inadequate or tired all the time.   Dear God, help all of us scrambling, overwhelmed single moms and quiet the mom-guilt!  Please!

God is still good❤

God is still on His throne❤

So let us keep moving forward....

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