• Laura Alvarado-Newson

God always has a better plan

Today, my baby turns 19!  Happy Birthday my son! I love you❤

19 years ago our lives became interesting. A true test of endurance, faith and trust in God. Many people have criticize that we don't have enough faith and that is why my baby boy isn't healed. What many don't understand is through and only through his premature birth, his brain injuries, his countless hospitalizations, seizures and illnesses has God shown Himself in countless ways. This family knows a faithful God, a God who stands with us in the storms, never leaving, quieting the storm only when His plan and purpose has been fulfilled. 

 I have to admit, I have been angry many times; I have shaken my fist at God for not saving us from these adversities, for not making it all better. This is when I see a loving, patient and merciful God. The strength to endure is there; one day at a time, the grace to get through another exhausting day always shows up. God uses these storms to form us, to purify and perfect us. Jorgie has impacted and impacts many lives. This would not be so if God would have healed him at the peoples' demands including the cries of a desperate mother. 

 God is faithful! God is good! God knows what He is doing! 

Here is to many more years of experiencing God's grace and loving my son❤

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