• Laura Alvarado-Newson

Tonight loneliness is loud!

I just go through this in my head, one doesnt get married and stay married for 19 yrs to all of the sudden watch tv alone, lie in bed alone, cry with no one to hug u late at night😔, for date nights and morning chats to vanish. im surrounded by couples, my whole church, couples, they are living showing eachother affection which is beautiful, but now it hurts😢 to watch. Of course, their life goes on, its normal, its necessary but watching them is just a severe reminder of my loss, of the hole in my heart, in my life, in my children's life. I didn't volunteer for this, we didnt get separated or divorce...he was taken from me. I know he is in a better place, whole and healed but some nights that brings little to no comfort to my broken heart😔. 

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