• Laura Alvarado-Newson

Views from the Valley

I have tried numerous times to climb out of this valley on my own. Yesterday was my breaking point and realization that I can't and I am exhausting myself trying. I am grabbing on to weak pebbles, using lose rocks to climb my way out of this pit and just when I think I'm about to reach the top, a rock fails and I violently fall back down to the bottom of the pit, bleeding, scraped and bruised. It's like floating through space grasping and grabbing at nothing, just floating and flailing, with no end in sight. I got the point. I am to sit, wait, listen and seek God where I am. How long? I have no idea. One thing that has always been a comfort to me is God's beautiful creation, so I will focus on my surroundings, on God's masterpiece, his handiwork that prove His existence, faithfulness and love. So I day at a time, until God reaches down and pulls me out. Views from the valley 

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