• Laura Alvarado-Newson

Bed for 1

Yesterday I gave away the bedroom set my husband and I bought 10 years ago because my new bedroom set was arriving today. Long story short, that was hard! Who knew it was going to be so heartbreaking. I cried as they hauled it away. In preparation I was forced to open a drawer that I avoided for 9 months. His chain and ring were in it. He wore them every day. Now in my new bed, I must retrain my brain to be ok with sleeping in the middle and not limiting myself to one side. When my husband was alive I slept on the left side, he slept on the right. When he died, I moved to the right. I have no idea why, maybe if I slept on right side and threw all the pillows on left to create a bulk, I wouldn't notice his abscence? Who nows what the brain will do to self-soothe during the loss of a spouse. Tonight, I sleep in the middle of my bed that I bought by myself. Such a simple thing, yet so scary. Views from the valley 

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