• Laura Alvarado-Newson

18 years of Grace

So today is the day I become my son's conservator. Going to court to get decision-making rights for my boy. It was just yesterday I held that tiny little 1 lb bird in my hand, yup too small for arms. Look at him now! I am so proud of him! He has made it through numerous surgeries, a massive hemorrage in his brain, has a rod and bolts in his spine and pelvis, yet no one can steal his joy and laughter. Doctors said he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life, well he is the noisiest, happiest vegetable I have ever seen! I remember thinking when he was younger " oh what am I going to do when he is 10?", "he will be too big for me to care for!" 10 came and went, and 8 years later God continues to bless him with joy and fill me with strength and wisdom! This is 18 years of God's grace you are looking at! Yes, I am tired most of the time, and there are many battles I fight as I also raise his beautiful sisters as a single mom. Yes, some days I feel like giving up because it gets so hard and lonely, but God always shows up when I can't go anymore, gives me new hope and new strength for the moment. God is faithful! God is waiting to provide you with that same strength and grace to keep going one day at a time, we got this! God bless you❤ 

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