• Laura Alvarado-Newson

Driven2Brew: My vision

Walking down the street I spot 2 bistro tables in front of an inviting coffee house. The Driven2Brew Coffee house is the name. The bistro tables are adorned with one simple yet beautiful fresh flower in a contemporary vase and a votive candle. The tables are fenced in and the fence wrapped in vine and LED lighting for nighttime ambiance. At the first table, a couple sipping tea in cute teacups and a teapot beside the cups for refills and engaged in interesting conversation, the second table two old friends enjoying cappuccinos and scones as they get reacquainted with one another. I decide to check out this shop, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air with just a hint of cinnamon from the Mexican hot chocolates.

The lighting is so contemporary yet relaxing, just enough to enjoy those bound up papers with words called books. I look to the right of me and there is a corner, with 2 toddlers safely playing and drawing on the chalkboard wall, safely gated yet close enough to see mommy and her friend enjoy their chai teas and adult conversation as they watch their babies safely play. I look in the other direction and see a modern frosted glass wall and door leading to another space. There is a meeting in that space, a few long tables and comfy chairs and the participants all enjoying a variety of drinks from lemonade, to hot chocolate, to puertorican espresso, and the bagels on the table look delicious! As inviting as that looked I choose to stay in the main room where there are comfy leather couches and pillows all around the center of the room surrounding antique looking coffee tables adorned with modern art and decor. Along the edges of the walls, tables and chairs, some short, some tall, all with a cute modern table lamp; tables for 2, for 4, for 6. The soft chatter of friends conversing was complimentary to the studious customers typing up a paper, and those just entertained with social media. Looks like every one found a plug for their device. The wall art is interesting, calm, inspiring. You can tell this place wants to promote peace, a place to unwind, connect, reconnect and dream.

The barista is busy but flashes a big smile and welcome my way. I wasn't sure what to order so she guided me and gave recommendations, said if I didn't like the selection, I could order something else at no extra charge. She also informed me of the that there were bands playing their Friday and Saturdays nights, no charge, just tip jar. I ordered a fresh baked muffin with honey butter and an espresso. The barista also informed me that if I ever needed a meeting room for group gatherings, bible study, youth group, business meeting, that I could reserve the room behind the modern glass door at no charge, just have to put on calendar and guests would just need to order at least one drink. There was instrumental music playing in the background but I wanted to listen to my own playlist. I forgot my earbuds at home, but noticed a sign that said there were headsets, phone and tablet chargers available to borrow at no charge, just need to leave my ID with the barista, when I return the headset, I get my ID back, not a bad deal.

I couldn't help but overhear voices in a distance so decided to continue exploring while I waited for my muffin and coffee, there was a short hall with 2 restrooms. At my age, might as well, so I walked into the ladies bathroom. It was so clean and had a subtle scent of something nice and not overwhelming. It was very modern from the floor, light fixtures and sink. The wall was decorated with encouraging wall art and decals. Reading those messages brought encouragement to my heart. I left the bathroom and walked down short hall to another glass door that led to a garden patio, so pretty, so green! Decorated with bistro tables and mini lamps on each table and a water fountain in the corner, the trickling water was so relaxing. Above me, vines and leaves spread out like a blanket above canopy allowing just enough sunlight to enter without overwhelming light or heat. The greenery covered with mini LED lights, I can only imagine how pretty and romantic it is here at night. This is an amazing place! Did I mention happy hour on Mondays, buy one drink or pastry and get one free! Oh and plenty of parking, wow!

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