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Driven2Brew: The dream

What now? I stand here a widow instead of a wife. My life drastically changed 4 months ago when my husband was called home to be with Jesus. I miss him so and most of my waking hours are spent thinking, wondering, trying to figure out what happened and how I can bring my husband back; both sad and ridiculous, I know.

A month ago a good friend asked me if there was a dream or hobby I put away after getting married, I had nothing. This past week, it happened, I found it! My dream!

Today, valentine's day, I'm in love. I'm in love with a dream. A dream that was buried 20 years ago. A seed that I thought had dried out is still there. This seed that seemed like an impossibility is sprouting, still not showing, but it's there, alive and well! This dream is to open my very own coffee house. I love the sound of that! I can do this only with the God's help and approval. I keep asking Him to take the desire away if it's not His will, yet every day that I wake up, the desire and determination is stronger. Dare I say this makes me happy! I haven't been happy in quit some time. I have been too busy, too heartbroken, too much in shock to be happy. This makes me happy. This dream is just conceived so it is in a risky stage, to grow and thrive or be lost. I am still praying. I have an open heart, if at one point, God says no, I will obey. However, I am feeling His presence and peace as I day dream and research. I am hoping I can recognize the "no" before I invest money.

My dear little sister will be joining me on this journey as she brings her expertise in money, business and human resources. I think we will make an amazing team as we both bring our own styles to the table yet compliment each other so much.

Am I scared? Yup! Scared of failure for sure, but I am not going to allow fear to stop me. I will hold on to God's word that says "He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind."

2 Timothy 1:7

Do I have money? No. Do I have a business plan? Not yet. This is where I am right now. I am barely in the beginning stages of learning what a business plan looks like. I am also visiting various coffee houses and shops, observing, taking notes of what is working, what is not, what I like, what I don't like. I will be sharing my observations but will not reveal names of coffee houses, because let's face it, they have a coffee house and I don't, yet! I am not here to insult or criticize other businesses, just observe and learn some things. Just hoping I can open my coffee house before I go into espresso shock. I am drinking 4 shots as I type this.

So last night I went to a coffee shop. I will call it CT. This is quite a successful coffee shop, I am thinking mostly due to location, which is a very large strip mall with very popular and well-known businesses. This café also serves beer and wine and occasionally has music on Saturday nights. I like the layout, lots of space, fits plenty of customers, but only one bathroom. I was also being harassed by a fly the whole time I was there. Now I'm thinking there has got to be a way to keep out flies. The outside patio was unkept, not very inviting, yet they were very busy. I credit the location for most of the success of this café. I also like the fact they serve wine. There coffee is good!

This morning I'm sitting at another café, I will call it CS. This café is very contemporary and organic, a little too cold for my taste. When I first walked in I wasn't sure if I was being invited to coffee and cozy or wheatgrass and yoga. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people here, again great location. In the middle of a main street/downtown area surrounded by antique and resale shops. This is a fairly new café. First time I had their Americano, it was weak. This time I ordered the Americano with an extra shot, now it's too much. Maybe it has to do with the different baristas, not sure. I love the contemporary lighting, plants, not a fan of the creepy wall art and politically correct signage, but to each his own. I'm just here to learn. By the way, I love their fenced in patio with tables, chairs and umbrellas across sidewalk, pretty darn cool.

So here I go...pray for me :)

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