• Laura Alvarado-Newson

In the arms of the invisible God

Lord, this was in your perfect will and timing. You have a plan and I submit to it. Now, You decided when to give me my husband, how long we would be married and when you would call him home. Now he's gone. The strong arms I would run to, the one's who's chest I would lie on and listen to his heart beat, the man who would wipe my tears from my eyes... is gone. So now, Lord, I need you to take over. I need to feel your arms around me although You are invisible to my natural eyes; to tell me I'm not alone, to tell me I am not uncovered or abandoned, I want to hear Your heart beat as I rest in You and Your promises. I need You to wipe the tears from my cheeks as they fall, tell me that every thing is going to be okay, that you love me and will take care of me and my children. Give me the wisdom to guide my children to trust in You although they can't see You with their eyes. I knew my husband, I knew his heart, his body, his mannerisms, his desires; now I need to know You, Your heart, Your desires, Your will, show me Your Glory! I want what You gave to Moses. I want all of Your goodness to pass before me, I want You to call out Your Name before me. I want exactly that and I will not settle for anything less! I no longer am covered by a natural husband, I am now, Your problem Lord! Show me Your glory, show me Your goodness. I want to live in Your presence because that is the only place I will find comfort and peace. Hurry Lord, I desperately need You Now!

Exodus 33:12-23

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