• Laura Alvarado-Newson

Joy on purpose

I am reminded of an old looney toon episode about a dancing bear. Every time this bear heard music he would stop what he was doing and dance. One of the biggest lessons that I am learning throughout this process called "my life", is the importance of not allowing pain

I cannot wait for my circumstances to change, people to change, money to increase, to be skinnier, before allowing joy into my life (these things may never happen). I receive my joy from the Lord and His promises that He loves me and will never leave me. I went through a serious season of clinical depression one year and soon I will post about it, but I wanted to let you know that not every thing is tears and pain in my home. There are two things that are our go-to when I feel like our joy and peace need a little recharging, one: a fun game of hide and seek with the kids and two, may favorite: DANCE PARTY!!! My girls and I will put on our favorite, get-up-and-move music and dance our hearts out. My girls love it; especially because my dancing is a little out-dated and I love watching my girls (who, by the way, I think must take dance classes when I am not watching) this brings us together and we have fun! It is my responsibility as mom to show them that although life can get pretty darn hard, we can still have fun, laugh, act goofy. So go for it! Give yourself permission to lay down that spirit of sadness and dance. The key to doing this successfully is that you have to do it on purpose, because emotions usually don't initiate this sort of thing, but trust me, they will follow. Dance on my friend, dance on! I leave you with one of the songs we "get down" to. Enjoy!

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